World Premiere of "The Dodgers"


"The Dodgers" by Diana Amsterdam makes its world premiere on January 30th, 2016, at the legendary Hudson Theater in Los Angeles with previews beforehand, and a four week run after.  Click the TICKETS icon above to see performance schedule and purchase tickets. 

Four boys in a band who expect to play music, do drugs and make love must face a lottery that will send at least one of them to Vietnam, propelling them to take daring and dangerous steps to dodge the draft.


the history

The new American play THE DODGERS is based on a true story

It was a time of exuberance when an entire generation believed it could change the world for the better.  The old systems of class, race, and puritan morality were decaying and dying.  We were ushering in a new era of peace and love stoked by drugs, rock n roll, and unbridled sexuality.  
Then came the hatchet.
On December 1, 1969, CBS-TV broadcast a lottery.  Our nation's Hunger Games.  The Vietnam War lottery was the long arm of the government, reaching everywhere, ready and able to send boys to war.  
850,000 young men between the ages of 18 and 26 were on the list that night.  If your birthday came up early in the number call, you would be drafted in the coming year.
We couldn't go.  We wouldn't.  War, we knew, was a machine created by the warlords, the capitalist wealth-mongers.  This particular war was especially ugly, chaotic, and senseless.
Boys did anything and everything to get out.  They usually succeeded if they were educated, white, or loved by resourceful women.  But in the getting out, we saw that we couldn't actually control our own destinies, and that we might be willing to do unthinkable things to stay safe.
We were the dodgers.
Diana Amsterdam (playwright) lived through that time.  She resided on a hippie commune outside Rochester, New York, and loved a boy in danger of being drafted.  The play is fictional but based on her experiences.  Historically, it is accurate.
Produced and directed by Allan Luftig and Jim Barber, this thesis film about life on a commune was made at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  The girl is playwright Diana Amsterdam.